Collective versus Independent Investing

At some point in a person’s life they eventually realize the value of making decisions in a rational state of mind instead of emotional. Taking the emotion out of investing can create a clear vision of goals and objectives you value within your plan. We operate opposite of the majority of investors, investment firms, or especially the typical investing “collective.”

The “collective” investor, or about 85% of investors, base their decision making process on two emotions; greed & fear; greed when the market is up, fear when the market is down. At EFS we take a long term, objective and principled approach where we use specific investment principles to ensure we take the emotion out of investing. Our clients are the other 15% that make up successful investors, who operate on time tested investment principles and an anti-collective mentality.

Our independent nature allows us unbiased solutions with investment, strategies or plans we create or recommend to you. We shop the entire investment universe in an effort to bring the greatest value to you.

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