Goals, Planning and Relationship Building – We Get to Know You.

By truly listening and taking the time necessary to walk in your shoes we are able to truly understand your values, wealth management and stewardship qualities and guide you in accomplishing your goals.

Investment Management and Retirement Planning

Through a principled approach, we utilize traditional, alternative investments & management strategies to effectively reduce your portfolio risk without sacrificing your returns. At EFS we are contrarian by nature, we do not follow investment fads like the masses. We separate our clients from the typical 85% or “collective” investors by being principled leaders in the industry.

Planning for Nursing Home Liability

We utilize a big picture approach and encompass all our client’s needs and goals in a plan that also reduces risk to the expected or unexpected events in life. Typically this involves maximizing the amount of assets transferred to family at death and minimizing the amount forfeited to the government in taxes or nursing home liens. 

Estate Planning– Wills, Trusts, and Probate Avoidance

The typical problem is people have the HODGEPODGE approach with their finances during their lifetime and everything is a disorganized mess. If someone were to pass unexpectedly the family would be captive to the expensive and time consuming probate process, and possibly liable to estate taxes. By not planning the family risks in-fighting that can permanently jeopardize family harmony. We are the Financial Quarterbacks to organize and help you articulate your goals, objectives, wealth management and stewardship qualities you want passed onto future generations. 

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